Poulan P3314

This lightweight chainsaw is perfect for cutting firewood and tree limbs around your property . The P3314 is powered by a 33cc 2-cycle gas engine and is equipped with a 14" steel bar. An automatic chain oiler, super clean air filter system, and primer bulb for easy starting are standard, which make this model both convenient and cost-effective. This chainsaw comes fully assembled and is protected by a 1-year warranty.

Engine type: 
33cc 2-Cycle Gas
Bar length: 
14 "
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 33 cc
Engine type 33cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Chain type 91PJ

Cutting equipment

Chain pitch 3/8"
Bar length 14 "


Part NumberDescription
952802026P3314 Gas Chain Saw


Poulan P3314 3.1 5 144 144
Worthless Never worked No company support Worthless waste of money Lemon April 22, 2014
Good Value Rescued this saw from a city wide "free dump day", put a new chain on it, fuel & oil, and went to work. Cuts as strong as my 1980's vintage 20" Poulan(alot more metal and alot more weight). I'll probably be using the 14" more just because of the weight factor. I think saw use and maintenance is a big issue with any problems encountered with these saws. Treat them right and maintain them and they'll go forever. April 14, 2014
doesnt even make a good boat anchor (P3416) You need a pipe wrench to put the gas cap on and off. I'm not kidding! Won't run at idle speed. I have had almost all the problems I have seen in the other negative reviews. I have a lot of experience with saws and will never buy another Poulan! April 5, 2014
Good price - Bad choice I have owned a number of chainsaw throughout my lifetime, but this is the first Poulan. This is probably the worst. I should have read the reviews. It took me nearly 20 minutes to get it started. Then, every time I released the trigger it would die. I stumbled along with this for about 1/2 tank of gas, then gave up and used a handsaw. Almost a year later a friend came over to help me cut wood. He managed to keep it going by NOT releasing the trigger until it ran out of gas. The chainsaw lasted about 5 minutes into the second tank of gas before it quit for good. April 4, 2014
extended warranty The first time I used the saw it would start, but would not idle. for months later I was unable to start the saw and contacted your customer service line and was directed to a repair service. I was told there was a fuel problem and it could not be service under the extended warranty I purchased. The service person informed me, if you leave gas in the saw the ethanol eats away at fuel deliver system and if you empty the gas the carburetor gaskets dry out. I now have a boat anchor and no boat. March 25, 2014
Awful I have twice written reviews that Poulan apparently doesn't like as they will not post! This saw broke down and can't be repaired according to an authorized Poulan repair shop. It was only used approximately 16-18 hours. A cheaper electric saw I had since 1994 performed better and longer. Not recommended at all and will never buy another product from this company which is apparently owned by Husqvarna. March 25, 2014
I like it, but... I really like the way this saw cuts wood. It just eats through it like a hot knife to butter. However, it is a pain in the rear to crank. I don't use it everyday but about every few weeks. It just about yanks my shoulder out of the socket every time I pull the crank rope. I am female so I don't have as much upper body strength as a man...but it seems as it is built with a man in mind not just a person. I am considering returning it. March 23, 2014
Poulan woodshark This saw is simply amazing. For right around $100 bucks you get a great saw with plenty of power. Can you stall it? Yes. I can also stall my V8 ford if I try to misuse it. If you pay attention to what you are doing and what the saw is doing you will have no problems with it. If you are careless and try to make a horizontal cut on a standing 14" tree it will bind, as will any other saw out there. Keep the bar oil reservoir full-not with motor oil as someone posted here-and the saw will be happy. I ran this woodshark for 6 hours today with only breaks to fill up the tanks and sharpen the chain, and it performed flawlessly. If you want a real beast, check out exhaust mods on youtube, learn how to adjust the carb, and put an 18 inch Oregon bar and chain on this sucker-it will SCREAM through some wood. As a final thought- this saw-with an 18 inch bar- will drop a 30 inch diameter oak with NO problems. March 3, 2014
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