Poulan P3314

This lightweight chainsaw is perfect for cutting firewood and tree limbs around your property . The P3314 is powered by a 33cc 2-cycle gas engine and is equipped with a 14" steel bar. An automatic chain oiler, super clean air filter system, and primer bulb for easy starting are standard, which make this model both convenient and cost-effective. This chainsaw comes fully assembled and is protected by a 1-year warranty.

Engine type: 
33cc 2-Cycle Gas
Bar length: 
14 "
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 33 cc
Engine type 33cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Chain type 91PJ

Cutting equipment

Chain pitch 3/8"
Bar length 14 "


Part NumberDescription
952802026P3314 Gas Chain Saw


Poulan P3314 3 5 154 154
No problems here Was given this as a gift for our first home. Suits my around the house/neighborhood needs just fine. Does take about 30-60sec of throttle to get warmed up, no stalling after that. I recommend using the pre-mix ethanol free fuel. It does leak a little oil when not in use, I just put an oil rag or pig mat under it. July 21, 2014
Not a good chainsaw On the very first day of use, the P3314 kept stalling on me. Despite religiously adhering to the start-up directions, it would stall over and over. It also leaks oil on whatever you rest it on. Worse than the saw has been the Poulan customer service (lack thereof) that I have received so far. My brand new chainsaw is now in for service after cutting exactly 4 branches. Never again. June 29, 2014
Nothing but headaches I've spent so much on replacement parts and repairs, I could of bought an expensive Stihl...in which I'm doing. I've had carbs replaced, gas tank hoses, sprockets, bars, chains and other stuff. I cut alot of Mountain Cedars and this saw can't handle them. June 25, 2014
3314 chain saw I have purchased 3 14in. in 5 years 1st.lasted 16 months gas tank hose 2nd. lasted 14 months gas tank hose 3rd. 13 months same problem and primer blub local repair wants 65.00 to fix so I buy new ones well its about time poulan does something my next saw will another brand I think poulan needs to replace my saw free and they can have this one free wonder if I will here from them ???? cost of repair to high when I can buy new for a little over 100 June 11, 2014
Great saw - once I put 40:1 fuel mix in it A few days ago, I would have given this saw the same low ratings lots of others have assigned. I brought it home from Lowes, filled it from my Sthil gas can and fought it all day long. It literally caused a blister on my hand from pulling that cord. After starting - it would after a while - it ran fine and cut fine. You could sit it down and it would idle just fine. If you cut it off, forget starting it. Then, I realized that Poulan uses 40:1 instead of the 50:1 that Sthil uses. Bought another can, mixed the mix Poulan sent with the saw, dumped the Sthil mix out, filled with the Poulan mix, went through the start proceedure, and it started on the first starting pull. Stupid me - Great saw! May 26, 2014
Takes alot of abuse for an econo saw... (3314) I have used (abused) this saw for so many projects that I was sure it would have died a long time ago. I've cut several trees down and sectioned them no problem, plenty of power for the size. A lot of vibration but didn't spend much on it, so can't be too picky... Not super easy to start but no different from any other 2 stroke I've ever used, I can start it any time I need to use it. I run it out of fuel when storing before winter and that's it! Gas her up in the spring and it runs fine the first time I need it. Maybe that's the issue others have not using it very much and having it sitting around, but for about 100 bananas I probably got double or triple my money's worth so far! May 17, 2014
Piece of junk Purchased as a small handy saw to limb and clean up some trees. It wont start and wont run. Returned it to service center who described the saw in words not printable here. When I got it back i cut a couple of limbs and shut it off. Won't start wont run ... a piece of junk. When pulling on the starter cord it feels like it is backfiring and attempting to run backward judging from the violent jerking of the cord. I will never buy another poulan product. May 16, 2014
Finally got it to fire Bought this last summer, couldn't get it to start, so I just stored it maybe hoping to forget about it. I really should have returned it and after a while it became to late. This winter we had a tree fall across our driveway that now has to be cut up and moved totally out of the way. After 8 months I hauled out the Poulan, New gas, bar oil, even quick start, nope, ain't gonna start, not even a sputter. Lets check the plug. What the heck is a Touch R7 spark plug, and why is there one in this saw when the manual specifies a Champion RCJ-7Y. Down to the small engine dealer, returned home with plug in hand, installed it and on the 2nd pull it started and ran for a while. I'm a little happier now. Next problem, making a tool to adjust the H-L screws that now have a spline. One solution is to cut a slot in the screws with a Dremel tool and use a flat screwdriver to adjust them. Will write a follow up later. May 15, 2014
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