Poulan P4018

This rugged chainsaw is perfect for farmers, landowners, and homeowners who cut less regularly but demand optimum performance at a reasonable price. The P4018 is powered by a 40cc 2-cycle gas engine and is equipped with an 18" steel bar. This model comes complete with an automatic chain oiler and carry case.

Engine type: 
40cc 2-Cycle Gas
Bar length: 
18 "
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P3314 P4018WT


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 40 cc
Engine type 40cc 2-Cycle Gas

Cutting equipment

Bar length 18 "


Part NumberDescription
952802151P4018 Gas Chain Saw


Poulan P4018 2.8 5 39 39
Do not buy this product. This will be the second brand new poulan that goes in the trash. Impossible to start with zero power. This saw jams and dies cutting up pallets. It barely cuts through a half inch of soft wood. I cannot express my frustration about wasting 200$ on this piece of junk. November 17, 2014
Brand New Won't Start The saw has never been used. Opened the case. Mix the oil/gas. Bar oil in the reservoir. Followed the starting instructions...Over and Over and Over and Over and Over...Nothing. The saw will not even TRY to start. Terrible product. November 8, 2014
What a piece of junk Bought it new. Registered it with Poulan per their instructions. It started instantly. Joy! A saw that actually starts! After about 15 minutes it stalled. Wouldn't re-start. Let it cool down, it started, then repeated the pattern Next day, same pattern. Called Poulan, they told me it needed a carb adjustment, gave me name of local Poulan warranty service provider. They checked it, gave it back, said nothing wrong. I tried it again, same pattern. Took it back, tech said he took it out back cut some wood, it worked fine. Took it home, same pattern, virtually useless. Took it back, talked to the tech myself. He said it sounded like a bad coil. I told him to order coil. Week later they called said the problem was the engine only had 70 psi compression, said it had to have at least 100. In other words, with about 2 hours total on it, it would make a good boat anchor if it weren't so light. Svc. center also told me they don't do Poulan warranty work! Called Poulan again. They told me to take it to a different repair shop. I asked if THEY were still Poulan rep. She didn't know. I called new place, they work on Poulan, said bring it in, and be sure and bring receipt. I said I don't have receipt, I registered purchase with Poulan. Too bad, said Poulan won't accept that as proof of purchase. Called Poulan, they agreed registering online didn't mean anything (other mfrs. accept that as proof of purchase since you have to enter serial number and you couldn't have serial number if you didn't have saw). Told me that from serial number it was manufactured on 163rd day of 2012. So if I bought it in Jan, 2014 that's when the warranty started. It's now August, 2014, I first had it in shop in early July, 2014, so am well within warranty. Customer Service: Doesn't matter, they won't honor the warranty without the receipt. No good, I have to have receipt. Called Poula August 4, 2014
this product is the worst thing i ever purchase I have never had any product that was as bad as the this is i have gone by the manufacturer recommend instructions and they will not honor there warranty ! July 25, 2014
Would not stay running I always thought Poulan was a good product until I purchased this. I don't do a lot of cutting so I thought this saw would be enough. I took the saw out of the box and put in gas and chain oil according to the instructions. I spent the next 45 minutes trying to get it started. After I finally got it started it would not stay running. I cut one limb and it stalled. I let it cool down and started to cut the second limb and it stalled in the middle of the cut. Bar got stuck in the tree and a strong wind came up and the tree came backwards and pinched the saw good. As I went to get another saw to try and retreave my brand new, out of the box saw, another breeze came up and I could hear the tree cracking. Long story short...the limb snapped off, the saw came loose and the branch came down on it crushing it. Not even one tree down! July 10, 2014
Junk. Junk. Junk. Garbage. Bought this model on a Saturday morning to remove a tree that had fallen onto the drive way. Ran well first hour. Then began shutting off due to no idle. Let it cool down. Cleaned and refilled bar/chain oil and gas mixture. Would not start. Followed instructions in troubleshooting section of manual. Still would not start. Called Customer Service number provided. No answer. Only work weekdays. Returned unit to store. Exchanged for same model/new machine. Assembled. Added fluids. New gas/oil mixture. Started immediately. Ran for about two hours. Same problems repeated. Cut off due to no idle. Would not start. Called it a day. Cleaned machine again. Next day would not start. Called Customer Service, said to return to store. Junk. Junk. Junk. Sorry for negativity - frustrated working trying to get saw working. Hands bruised, cut & blistered pulling starting cord all day. June 23, 2014
waste of money Got about 25 minutes of use on 2 separate days and the unit locked up. Home Depot send it to poulan or a authorized dealer and they blame me because I did not drain the fuel between use. Sorry way to get out of a warranty. I can not find any place in the manuel that says drain between use. I will not ever own another polan product. June 5, 2014
going strong Always ran strong right out of the box, and still does ~5 yeas later. Plenty of power so the chain break is a must have feature. The chain tension adjustment works fine it you realize a new chains stretch and all chains expand when hot, so keep it oiled and sharp so it doesn't overheat and loosen too much. The body construction is fine, it's as tough as it needs to be. I've only now replaced the fuel lines, which is needed on all 2-cycle equipment after a few years, it was fairly simple as it's carb is easy to access. I've seen other saws where you have to split the case to do this. June 2, 2014
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