Poulan P4018

This rugged chainsaw is perfect for farmers, landowners, and homeowners who cut less regularly but demand optimum performance at a reasonable price. The P4018 is powered by a 40cc 2-cycle gas engine and is equipped with an 18" steel bar. This model comes complete with an automatic chain oiler and carry case.

Engine type: 
40cc 2-Cycle Gas
Bar length: 
18 "
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P3314 P4018WT


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 40 cc
Engine type 40cc 2-Cycle Gas

Cutting equipment

Bar length 18 "


Part NumberDescription
952802151P4018 Gas Chain Saw


Poulan P4018 3.1 5 30 30
Poulan P3816 Great chainsaw for the money. Worked straight out the box and was easy to put together. I use synthetic bar oil and 92 octane synthetic canned fuel in it. Cut the whole weekend with no issues and it started back after it was cut off every time. The only con that I found was the stock chain that they use could be better. January 5, 2014
pp4218a I bought this from Lowes and it would not start after a week. I took it back and they exchanged it for a new one. One week later it does not start. The chain it constantly coming off the bar when it does run December 11, 2013
Save your money. I'm one of the lucky ones, that engine at least starts. Can be finicky to get started. I've run synthetic gas / oil mix and, once started, runs fairly well. The consistent complaint you will find, over and over, is inability to maintain tension on chain, for more than a few cuts. It will throw the chain off, very often, before you see it getting slack. I've owned 4 saws over the last 35 years and know how to maintain and adjust. With my research, these days...headed to Stihl. December 8, 2013
Worst saw I ever bought Saw would barly start and ran very poorly It had no power and would not come up to cutting speed. Saw was not adjustable and tool to do so no longer available. In order to get it to run properly I would have had to make a hundred mile trip to a dealer to drop it off and the same to pick it up which would have cost me another $50 minimum. As far as i am concerened it was a boat anchor. I would have expected a Poulan product to run properly out of the box. I ended up going to the hardware store and bought a Stihl saw. At the store they took it out of the box added gas and chain oil and it started right up. It starts and runs great. I feel the quality of the Poulan saw is not up to my standard or anyone elses. Dont you test run your equipment? August 29, 2013
Chain tensioner horrible The chain tensioner that they have on this chainsaw is terrible. The chain never stays tight and I can only get about 8 good cuts in before I have to retension the chain. This is not an uncommon complaint for this brand. Buy a better brand March 24, 2013
Customer Service Overall this chainsaw performs very well for light to average usage. I have had no problems with it starting and running well. The main problem I have is with the design of the gas cap. You have to use vice grips to open and close the gas cap. I understand this is a common problem caused by ethanol gas. Why should this be the customers problem to purchase new gas cap and how do I know if the new cap is going to do any better. Why would Poulan not fix this problem rather than having unsatisfied customers for the cost of a gas cap? March 6, 2013
its not that good i use it twice and the chains snapped off and needs to be sharpened already March 5, 2013
Response to previous review My earlier review on the Wild Thing had me wondering if all chain saws were as finiky as the one I purchased, but after replacing the carberator because of severe flooding I've decided this chain saw deserves a thumbs up. It has never idled so perfectly since day one. I guess I should Have taken it back the first day. It would never idle on it's own even with idle speed way up. Now you can set it down for repositioning logs and not have to restart it everytime. February 21, 2013
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