Poulan P4018WT

This rugged chain saw is perfect for farmers, landowners and homeowners who cut less regularly but demand optimum performance at a resonable price. The P4018WT WildThing is powered by a 40cc 2-cycle gas engine and is equipped with an 18" bar. This model comes with an automatic chain oiler and is protected by a 1-year warranty. Also included is a carrying case.

Engine type: 
40cc 2-Cycle Gas
Bar length: 
18 "
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Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 40 cc
Engine type 40cc 2-Cycle Gas

Article data

Chain type 91PJ

Cutting equipment

Chain pitch 3/8"
Bar length 18 "

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 11.8 lbs


Part NumberDescription
952802036P4018WT Gas Chain Saw


Poulan P4018WT 3.4 5 118 118
Great value If you maintain this saw and run it easy its all you will ever need for many years to come. October 16, 2014
Chainsaw and bar guard I bought the poulan 18" wild thing saw about a year ago I used it for a small job that took about an hour or so. I went to use it again yesterday and the chainsaw bar guard broke and the adjustment screw came out I looked everyplace possible for a new one and couldn't find it any place. I called menards and talked to the manager and they were able to take the guard off a display model and sell it to me. I never had a problem starting it or it quit running on me, the only thing that upsets me is the saws are made of a cheap plastic around the saw and bar area the does heat up after a lot of use, I had plenty of bar and chain oil in it but it still heated up and broke, what a disappointment to have to deal with. September 28, 2014
great saw!!!! my 1st 1 i got used and i used it for 2 years and it is still going strong... however the frame is weak... my cousin over tightened the bar and stripped the frame in the stud (spun the stud) the 2nd saw i got used at an auction for 15 bux and have had for 4 yrs and it still goes strong.. i cut about 40 cords of wood a year with it and it keeps asking for more!!!replaced the bar 3 times (all due to tweaking them from logs and a tree shifting wrong) replaced the gear once on each and about to be a 2nd on my 2nd saw. September 17, 2014
Makes my heart sing My first wild thing lasted five years before I smoked it by high reving too long cutting up a massive tree. You have to be willing to file sharpen your chain every 15 minutes of cutting and your saw will do its job...five minutes' investment! You have to learn to read instructions and follow them and it starts fast every time . In five years I replaced the sprocket twice, and bar once; primarily because I punished this saw. After melting down the first saw I bought another and it kicks tree butt like the first one. I used both to clear old fencelines tangled in rusted barbed wire and trees and bushes of all sizes. This cheap saw with skinny chains takes it on the chin and comes back for another round. These two saws, both bought on sale, ran circles around my Husky, and at half the price. Buy it, beat it, then trade it for a six pack when it quits working; repeat. August 31, 2014
Very hard to start dont waste your money on it. This saw is the worst saw I have ever owned if you are lucky enough to get it started you better keep it running because once it is stopped no amount of pulling will start it. In my opinion this thing is pure junk a waste of metal don,t waste your money on it.. August 20, 2014
14 years My husband's mother gave him his WildThing on June 5, 2000. Although when new he had to work a bit to get the carburetor adjusted properly he's had no other problems with it and has done lots of cutting with it including trimming branches and felling large trees around our WV home. Today it was giving him problems and he thought it might has been a bad gas issue so he emptied the tank and discovered the tube to the fuel filter was missing. He fished around inside the tank and located the tube but it would not go back onto the filter. That is why I am on this site, trying to find a filter for it but no luck. It seems there are no parts available for it outside of what can be purchased at Wal-Mart. Perhaps a dealer has other resources. But if not repairable, for the price paid for it 14 years ago, I'd say it's been a good one! July 17, 2014
Couldn't use it long enough to appropriately evaluate it. My wife purchased a Wild Thing Chainsaw for me for Christmas this last year. As I live in MN there wasn't much use for it until spring so I left it in the box. About a month ago a friend was taking down some trees so I took the saw out to assist. I followed all of the instructions for setup and fuel to oil mixture. I used a new gas can, new oil, and new gas. The saw started hard but that didn't surprise me out a brand new chainsaw. It ran well for 15 minutes while I was limbing a down tree and then I stopped the saw to tighten the chain, per manufacturer's instructions. After that it was extremely difficult to start and once started wouldn't remain running unless it was at nearly full throttle. I stopped using the saw and took it to an Authorized Service Center. The Technician struggled to get the carb set right and eventually recommended a new carb. The repair was then denied Warranty Service because of a "Fuel Issue". He doesn't get paid to fight my warranty battles so I decided to make some calls. He gave me the number of Oscar Wilson, but they said they don't handle the warranties, just the parts. I called the number on the Poulon "contact us" page and they said THEY were just for parts and gave me the number for Husqvarna. I called Husqvarna and the rep I talked to there said the manufacturing plant handles the warranties and there was no public line that I could call, there is only a line for dealers. So here's the situation, if you get a faulty product you can't return it to the store where you bought it because you've put gas in it already and it can't be returned. You can't get warranty service because they've got a myriad of excuses on why it's the consumer's fault instead of the manufacturer. You can't fight the denial of warranty service because you can't find anyone to argue with. Eventually you give up because it is only going to be $60 for a new carb and labor to install it and you're tired of chasing ghosts on the phone. Don't buy this product, or any other Husqvarna/Poulon product for the simple reason that they don't stand behind their products and their customer service is some of the worst I've dealt with. June 24, 2014
Junk I would not recommend this product. It is very hard to start, even on the first attempt. My first go, right out of the gate, the start rope assembly breaks - new out of box, broken in 5 minutes. Spent an hour fixing it, why? Because the product is so poor, the stores won't take them back...buy at your own risk. Finally got it started...mind you, the product is still technically new...after about 40 pulls and three flood-outs. If your older than 25 or not in the best shape of your life, this junker is a workout. It ran for about 45 minutes before suddenly shutting off, and yes, it still had fuel. Hasn't run since, will not start. $132 down the hole. I will never buy another Poulan, or subsidiary product, again, it's not worth the aggravation or frustration. Support a better brand, even if it is more expensive...your going to spend the money eventually after the Poulan junk dies or fails. June 4, 2014
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