Poulan PLN1514

This 1.5 Peak hp electric chain saw is perfect for medium size cutting jobs close to your house or power outlet. The PLN1514 is equipped with 14" bar, manual oiler and comes fully assembled.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
7.5 lbs
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Cutting equipment

Bar length 14 "
Chain pitch 3/8"

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 7.5 lbs


Part NumberDescription
952802357PLN1514 Electric Chain Saw


Poulan PPLN1514 3.5 5 43 43
Not very good the chain jammed after 2 uses and none the less I am out the money I paid for this. supremely unhappy October 11, 2014
owner to oil the chain per your instruction manual: press the oil cap! The saw that purchased does not have that sort of cap!! What should I do???? thanks October 11, 2014
Greatly disappointed My husband bought the 14" electric chainsaw to cut small trees and clear an area out around invasive bamboo. Just two weeks after buying it, the chain started falling off as soon as it was started. My husband would adjust everything, start it up, cut something and off came the chain. After not touching it for a couple weeks because of frustration he went to start it, chain came off, and oil came out. The box says do not return to store, and Poulans information says it doesn't not replace/service this size. A complete waste of money. We won't buy this brand again. August 21, 2014
Poulan PLN 1514 Purchased this electric chain saw quite a few years ago. It worked real nice until this morning while cutting up some wood for my smoker. It lost power and started to smoke from the motor. I would not have thought the motor would fail before the bar and chain. Serial # 1111 06566,would like to have this unit replaced by Poulan for this reason. July 18, 2014
Surprised how well the saw has performed This little saw has cut a lot more firewood than I ever thought it could. My friends gas saw overheated several times and this little electric saw kept right on cutting. It does leak some oil when I leave it sitting on my work bench, but I just wrap it in a rag. Looking for a new chain now and hope to find one. July 15, 2014
Unsatisfactory product & support After unpacking this unsatisfactory product per directions, I inserted the proper chain saw blade oil and all it did was flow out over everthing. In less than 30 min, half of the two ounces the resevoir holds had leaked onto the work bench. I never even had an opportunity to start this unsatisfactory product . There were no specific instructions on what should be expected and sadly, outragously, no support WHATSOEVER from Poulan online and even after calling a half dozen supposedly "Authorized Dealer", all but one were no longer in operation. My Point!!! DON'T EVER BUY A PRODUCT THAT PROVIDES ABSOULUTELY NO MANUFACTURE'S SALES SUPPORT FOR IT'S PRODUCTS!!! YES!!! I can return this to the point of sale, but that's 50 miles away, 100 miles round trip for THIS unsatisfactory product . By the way, the destructions repeatedly refer to the device as a pole saw, even though the model number for the chainsaw is repeated on the product manual. Before purchase, I scanned the reviews, and although not high on the ratings, there where repeated complaints about the oil reservoir; the destructions indicate the oil reservoir button should be press before each cut, but there is no such button, the only thing suggested in the destructions is the cap on the reseviour which is a solid cap??? My final thought, if Poulan wants to be competetive, why don't they provide CUSTOMER SUPPORT as well as YOU TUBE instructions, not to mention a Trouble Shooting section to their manual. May 31, 2014
Ok this a ok saw it chokes up a little bit but it a all together good saw February 2, 2014
Looks good on the rack. I used the same electric chainsaw for 15 years and never had a problem. I pruned trees, cut firewood from burnt Juniper, and worked it hard. The chain never even came off. Then I bought this nightmare. The first one dropped the chain on the first use. So, I took it back to Walmart and exchanged it. Set it up, twas oiled, chain perfectly tightened, bought an additional new expensive chain, and all of the above. About 5 minutes into a 4" Pinion branch cut it clogged up and the chain came off. This product looks good on the rack and those of you who have had a great electric chainsaw before know how much easier it is than a gas saw. Totally worthless and cheap. Shameless production of a facimile of a real tool. Then there's my Poulan Pro 18" piece of worthless noise. The PP18 won't keep running and several reviews online say it's a product defect. I'm not a negative guy but when I give a company $300 and the products don't even work? Well there you go. I'm making a warrant claim on both saws. December 15, 2013
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