Poulan PLN3516F

This 3.5 Peak hp electric chain saw is designed for medium size cutting jobs close to you house or power outlet. The PLN3516F is equipped with 16 inch bar, automatic chain oiler and tool-less chain tensioning system.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
12.5 lbs
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Cutting equipment

Bar length 16 "
Chain pitch 3/8"

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 12.5 lbs


Part NumberDescription
952802358PLN3516 Electric Chain Saw


Poulan PLN3516F 3.5 5 55 55
pln3516f loved the chainsaw until I needed a new chain. no one has them and I understand they don't made them anymore. great chainsaw, just need chains! October 1, 2014
Great Electric Chain Saw I have owned electric chain saws for about 30 years, and this was the best. I used it for over 2.5 years cutting down soft wood trees. It cuts like a gas saw, but with none of the starting difficulties. It is heavy enough that you don't wear yourself out pushing the blade into the wood. The chain stops immediately when you release the power switch. The oiler works great. The tension adjuster is great. My only complaint was that it wore out before I died, but it outlasted any 2 stroke chain saw I have had. June 14, 2014
Platic gears are not for hard work You make a tool that works hard. But you put cheap parts in it. If you are out to make money that ok. you will loose for no one like junk at these prices. I need the drive gear on the elec. motor side. It not listed. No one can tell me how to get this part. June 9, 2014
Product support stinks Poulan 3516F model. Cannot find the replacement chain. Now they ask if I have a 3516F or a 3516F Pro. No parts available. Need to take chain saw to a 3rd party to have one cut. I need the saw two days ago. I buy a set at Home Depot with 2 chains in the kit. Both are longer than the one on the saw. What a waste of time. I call1(704)597-5000 Husqvarna for help at Cust. Svc. Talk to a young lady who says the chain is available. Very unattentive to say the least. I ask for a manager. I've been on hold for 25 minutes. Hurry up and wait. Noone seems to care. Don't do business with these folks as their cust svc really stinks.... May 27, 2014
Broken brake after 3 light uses This saw worked great on the 3 occasions I used it to clear saplings. Started using it the 4th time to discover the broken chain brake. Called the number listed on the saw for replacement parts. They were very professional while telling me that they don't sell that part. I have to buy a new chainsaw, but it won't be a Poulan. May 13, 2014
bad design used my new pln3516f saw less than two hours and the chain quit moving. sounded like something in the saw had broken. try to return to Lowes for replacement and advised that they only replace if less than 30 days. I opened the saw up to find the nylon gear between the motor and chain drive had all the teeth ground up inside. March 18, 2014
Poulan electric chain saw I received a Pulan 1.5 HP chain saw for Christmas. It was use one on small brush and trees. The chain jumped the bar. Following the instructions proved fruitless, as several parts that come off are not shown in the diagrams. Calling customer service is almost impossible. After being dropped five (5) times from the electronic answering machine - no exaggeration - I reached a Poulan representative, who had no idea of how to reassemble; as the parts are not shown in her diagram either. She then supplied the wrong information for a local warranty station. There is no way to reach anyone at the parent company website. This product and the complete lack of any meaningful customer service is abysmal. They don't care and they are happy to prove it. Never again! January 17, 2014
Good value and easy to use PLN3516F Don't know why chokes and lean mixture got mentioned on a review for an electric chainsaw.Only problem I had was finding the right replacement chain. S55 is correct one but I was told I needed a 56 link one when I phoned Poulan. This saw is listed on the back of Oregon S55 box. Took 3 10" trees down by hauling saw up and working with ropes and ladders. Saw is light, tough and easy to use. Nil problems until I dulled chain cutting out stump and roots in clay, small rock soil. Still far cheaper and easier than other ways. Great machine. Cheap chains if ordered from Poulan. November 5, 2013
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