Poulan PLN3516F

This 3.5 Peak hp electric chain saw is designed for medium size cutting jobs close to you house or power outlet. The PLN3516F is equipped with 16 inch bar, automatic chain oiler and tool-less chain tensioning system.

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 
12.5 lbs
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Cutting equipment

Bar length 16 "
Chain pitch 3/8"

Overall dimensions

Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 12.5 lbs


Part NumberDescription
952802358PLN3516 Electric Chain Saw


Poulan PLN3516F 3.6 5 50 50
bad design used my new pln3516f saw less than two hours and the chain quit moving. sounded like something in the saw had broken. try to return to Lowes for replacement and advised that they only replace if less than 30 days. I opened the saw up to find the nylon gear between the motor and chain drive had all the teeth ground up inside. March 18, 2014
Poulan electric chain saw I received a Pulan 1.5 HP chain saw for Christmas. It was use one on small brush and trees. The chain jumped the bar. Following the instructions proved fruitless, as several parts that come off are not shown in the diagrams. Calling customer service is almost impossible. After being dropped five (5) times from the electronic answering machine - no exaggeration - I reached a Poulan representative, who had no idea of how to reassemble; as the parts are not shown in her diagram either. She then supplied the wrong information for a local warranty station. There is no way to reach anyone at the parent company website. This product and the complete lack of any meaningful customer service is abysmal. They don't care and they are happy to prove it. Never again! January 17, 2014
Good value and easy to use PLN3516F Don't know why chokes and lean mixture got mentioned on a review for an electric chainsaw.Only problem I had was finding the right replacement chain. S55 is correct one but I was told I needed a 56 link one when I phoned Poulan. This saw is listed on the back of Oregon S55 box. Took 3 10" trees down by hauling saw up and working with ropes and ladders. Saw is light, tough and easy to use. Nil problems until I dulled chain cutting out stump and roots in clay, small rock soil. Still far cheaper and easier than other ways. Great machine. Cheap chains if ordered from Poulan. November 5, 2013
Piece of junk! I bought this unit about 18 months ago(one-year warrantee) and used it less than a dozen times, mainly to trim new growth from some palm trees. The trigger/switch worked sporadically since it was new, but sufficiently for my purpose until just now, when it quit working at all. I contacted their repair facility and was advised that parts for this unit(it is still being sold) are all but unavailable. I will NEVER buy anything ever again made by this manufacturer. October 7, 2013
Not for me I have owned Poulan Electric chainsaws in the past and always had very good usage from them. But recently I had to purchased my third one as my last model had seen it's day. This new model, PLN3516F electric was not for me. Don't know if it's an age thing since I am 70 or what. First off the button one has to push on the side while also sliding the run button forward was totally unhandy for this man. But the main reason I took it back was the chain tightening mechanism on the side. For safety reason it is set up not to not run if one has it tightened to much. Yet if I backed it off just a smidgen then the chain would jump off it's sprocket thus I would have to open that compartment and reset the chain. Thought at first it was just me but time after time this would happen. You know how the chain loosens after running? So even should I finally get that minute setting of tightened or untightened just right right when the chain loosened and I had to tighten then again it would be that deal of tightened to much, loosen then the chain jump off the sprocket, open and reset chain etc. I hate this happens with this model as I have always gotten good service out of my Poulan electric chainsaws in the past. Now just not sure what I am going to have to do if I want another. September 23, 2013
Excellent backup saw and works off a big generator I am really surprised on how well this saw is holding up. I use it to fell and buckup dead Lodgepole Pine trees at our off grid cabin. Works great off a 6500 watt generator with a 100' contractor grade extension cord (10/3 or 12/3). It's been in use for 2 years and have not had any problems. The chain is quite durable and doesn't need to sharpened to often. Plus, with the lighter weight, it doesn't fatigue your arms. When the gas chainsaw is in the shop, it's a good feeling to know I've got a reliable saw that will come in handy for a wind storm. September 16, 2013
Never worked My son bought this chain saw for me as a Christmas gift. We had some small branches to cut up for firewood in the spring.Took the chain saw out of the box, put in new bar oil and sprocket lube, plugged it in, made sure the brake was off and pressed the trigger. Motor worked fine except the chain never moved. Checked what I could to determine the problem, tension was okay as was the motor-chain connection. Called customer service twice - first lady was going to email me with dis-assembly instructions - never did - the second person just gave me the name of a local repair shop. This thing is brand new - never used. Don't you think it should be covered under a warranty? Don't you think your customer service people would be a bit more helpful in trying to get your product working? Don't you think I will be an extremely negative advertiser for all products made by your company? September 15, 2013
died after about 10 hours use My wife bought the saw for a Christmas gift 1 1/2 years ago and finally getting to use it now. I put about 10 hours use cutting small trees and braches and it just stopped working. The switches, power and safety ohm okay, it appears the motor just died. Any suggestions would be appreciated as the warranty seems to have lapsed. August 19, 2013
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